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Kinesiology offers a psycho-bodily approach to dialogue with the body's global intelligence and to free physical and emotional blockages.

The body records everything, it never forgets anything!

Kinésiologie et mémoire cellulaire
  • Better managing stress

  • Facilitating your life processes

  • Getting closer to who we are

  • Reclaiming your full potential

  • Identifying and using your resources

  • Knowing yourself better so that you can accept yourself better

Through muscular tests, I look for the origin of stress that can be structural, emotional, biochemical or energetic, and together we look for keys to solve it.


Avoir une envie sincère de travailler sur soi, d’élargir votre regard sur ce qui peut impacter votre vie et d’engager des démarches en ce sens.

  • I love and respect myself

  • I have self-confidence, life supports me

  • I am happy and satisfied

  • I relax, I do my best

  • I know who I am

  • I learn from my personal experiences

  • I do what is right for me

  • I enjoy exploring life

  • I accept responsibility for my own development

  • I'm in the right place at the right time

  • I make decisions that are good for me

  • I am open to changes that promote my growth

  • I happily free myself from the bonds of the past to open myself to change

  • I appreciate myself and I live by my values

Discovered in the 1960s by chiropractor George Goodheart, kinesiology uses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, highlighting the relationship between muscle tonus, the balance of meridians and major organs and the associated emotional fields to restore energy circulation in the body and emotional stability.
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