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Dunes de sable - Mon chemin - Charlotte Desbons
enhancing the connection to one self
___ my journey

I was born from a belly. A woman's belly.

I came to a family, with its values, history, wounds, beliefs, hopes, opportunities and ideals.


It shaped me, coloured me, supported me, influenced me.

On this original path, I walked for a few years while remaining on the rails overall, in the projected direction.


Childhood without problems some would say, beautiful studies, a lot of luck, a professional career started in style, a fairly young family construction. 


Like a skier on a beautiful, freshly powdered mountain that sparkles in the sun, I was tempted by off-piste skiing. We don't know what we find there, the sensations are amplified. Daring is part of the adventure.


Life has made me take a few decisive turns.  They allowed me to wake up and meet the woman I am today.

I had to learn to let go the speed, the competition, the search for performance, the desperate need for recognition.  To move away from the image I had associated myself with.

It took me a few years, and I left some feathers there!

Then I found calm, breathing, introspection, I listened to the wisdom of my body, the authenticity of my emotions.  I regained my energy and joy. I put down some masks. I met my soul.


Step after step, I understood that there is in each of us an inner pearl, essential, at once so difficult and so simple to contact, provided that we learn to love, respect, trust and accept its uniqueness.


Each walk is a step to be enjoyed in conscience for what it has to offer, to teach us and to reveal us.


I explore life like a magnificent treasure hunt where a myriad of lights are hidden. It is up to each of us to reveal them.

Développement personnel
My driving force is to share this wonder and this bubbling and joyful energy of life that I feel deep within me, my mission is to inspire everyone to take the path of connecting with themselves.
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