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Health prevention workshop through mindfulness and connection to the body


How to catch your breath, regain clarity and momentum?

This one-day workshop aims to introduce participants to the practice of Mindfulness and to acquire simple tools to optimize their energy and nutrition in order to better manage their stress and remain effective in different work situations.

Exemple of a one day workshop 

Experimentation of proven psycho-bodily practices :

  • An introduction to mindfulness, to work on accepting reality as it is, to get out of our struggle strategies and promote mental and physical relaxation by refocusing attention on one's breathing and feelings.

  • Self-massages and body movements to stimulate energy and focus.

  • 4 stress regulation tools to respond to real-life situations.

  • Information and reflections on the impact of nutrition on vital energy.


  • Refocus on your body feelings and breathing to promote physical and mental relaxation.

  • Optimize vital energy through breathing, relationship to the body and nutrition

  • Take a step back, better regulate stress, regain control of your resources, improve communication with others.

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