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"An open heart is

the key to a life of full consciousness." 

Susan Kaiser Greenland

I help employees to regain meaning and clarity in their actions by guiding them towards an alignment with their deep nature and individual possibilities.

  • Refocusing on your body feelings to promote physical and psychological relaxation

  • Optimizing your vital energy

  • Taking a step back

  • Relying on your resources

  • Improving communication with others

  • Stimulating autonomy in the regulation of energy and emotions

  • Breathing

  • Self-massages

  • Meditation in Full Consciousness

  • Stress regulation tools

  • Dietary considerations

  • Positive attitudes

"Thanks to Charlotte, I found the path to inner peace with the breathing exercises that allowed me to control my emotions and those of mindfulness to moderate my food abuse. I thank her."


"Thank you for this workshop and its action on me, despite my skeptical state of mind before coming. You form a complementary, complicit, dynamic and very efficient duo that makes you want to enter this workshop.

Thank you for all the movements Charlotte showed us to explore our body and regain control over it in order to do it good and heal our little ailments in life. To "do good" to oneself, which should no longer be a luxury in today's society. It sounds simple to say it like that, but I was many years away from thinking about doing these movements that will become part of my lifestyle from now on.

Keep on bringing happiness and well-being to others."


"Thank you for this workshop with a great team of facilitators who transmit their joy and positive energy... It made me realize that I needed to listen to my body and take care of myself.

And for the anecdote, following the movements and the workshop day, I slept without interruption, which hadn't happened to me for...many months."


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