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"When I'm well settled in my body,

I can trust you.

into a greater reserve of knowledge." 

Paul Dennison

Educational kinesiology makes it possible to facilitate learning with all our potential and our brain by carrying out simple and playful movements. It is about learning in a broad sense and at any age, based on the innate wisdom of our body.

Brain Gym - Kinésiologie éducative

Le Brain Gym c'est 26 mouvements qui permettent d'activer différentes zones du cerveau pour libérer des stress et apporter des équilibrages.

Le Brain Gym c'est une approche complète pour utiliser tous ses sens et ses facultés cérébrales.

  • Enhancing balance, posture and coordination skills

  • Creating new neural connections

  • Calming stress (physical, emotional and mental)

  • Overcoming blockages

  • Improving academic skills

  • Letting your potential emerge

The regular practice of Brain Gym physical exercises strengthens our ability to learn in a sustainable way.

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