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Kinésiologie Crânio-sacrée

The cranio-sacral system contains the primary life force that animates the body through the connective tissues. It allows the nervous system, muscles, fascias, organs, bones and all tissues of the human body to communicate optimally.


Any shock, physical or emotional, can modify the functioning of the cranio-sacral system and the Primary Respiratory Movement and generate a state of malaise of varying degrees of importance.


The practice is to relax the envelope around the bones of the skull and spinal cord (the meninges) to remove these restrictions and restore the body to its full self-healing potential.

  • Tensions, stress

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Back/neck problems

  • Visual problems

  • Learning difficulties

Help the nervous system and the whole body, from its bioenergetic field to its cells, to recreate a state of equilibrium through biological regulatory mechanisms

How does it work?

The client is lying dressed on a massage table. With a fine palpation (pressure of only 5 grams) and listening to the Primary Respiratory Movement, I work on releasing tensions in the connective tissue, in the organs, in the muscles and bones to restore momentum to the nervous system and the immune system.

The benefit is increased after a few sessions.

"I have had a migraine headache for several years but after 3 consecutive violent migraines, I decided to consult Charlotte. She immediately felt my tension especially in the cervical area. Charlotte offered me a craniotomy sacral therapy and told me that this could release my tensions and restore mobility to the nervous system, from the skull to the sacrum. I trusted her. I haven't had a migraine attack in a month: now I won't wait as long to see Charlotte to relieve my pain."


"I had the opportunity to do 5 sessions of craniosacral therapy with Charlotte. I always come out in a state of deep relaxation and I have observed that my sleep is much more peaceful since we started working together."


"I have the opportunity to have regular craniosacral massages with Charlotte. It is an experience in the land of relaxation. We are received with great warmth and kindness. The process allows to reach a state close to sleep quite quickly since clearly we do not see the 60' passing, but we remain conscious and float in softness.


Over time I have seen progress, reduced stress and the benefit of regular practice to better manage my sleep and time differences / long hauls."


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