enhancing the connection to oneself

From the business world 

Graduate of the University of San Francisco (Bachelor of Economics and Finance)

Graduate of ESSEC

23 years of experience in companies supporting men, women and projects.


… to the immersion in the human being

Professional Kinesiologist (IFKA - French Institute of Applied Kinesiology)

Practitioner in Sacred Cranio Therapy (IFKA

Touch for health

What is it ?

Muscle and reflex manoeuvres on the lymphatic system, the circulation of energy in the meridians and the blood circulation.


Regulate stress and vital energy blockages in the body.

Allergies, phobies, addictions

What is it?

Identification of emotional blockages and use of accupressure protocols for EFT.


To gradually free oneself from it 

Emotional regulation and stress relief


Acknowledge your emotions and wounds, including very old ones, and free yourself from them. 

What is it

Exploring unconscious emotions associated with objectives explored in the session.



Gradually free yourself from post-traumatic stress states and anchor new behaviours.

What is it? 

Recognition of post-traumatic stress states and use of psycho-energetic protocols.

Cranio sacral therapy


Feel a deep sense of well-being, release tensions, recover body homeostasis, strengthen the immune system.

What is it ? 

Cranial osteopathy technique focused on relaxing the meninges surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

Neurobiology of relations


To better understand the physiological impact of our behaviours and emotions in order to transform ourselves.

What is it?

Role of genetics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity and brain function..

Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym)


To facilitate learning with all our potential and brain in terms of academic, professional, sporting and daily activities.

What is it?

Role of movement on brain function and motor skills.

Family constellation notions


Become aware of family patterns and free yourself from what does not belong to you.

What is it ?

Representation and impact of our genealogy on our life stories.

Charlotte Desbons

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@2019 Charlotte Desbons kinésiologue certifiée par l'IFKA (Institut Français de Kinésiologie Appliquée)