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"It's time to live the life that you imagined yourself."

Henry James

Surfing the waves of your life, cultivating your joy in all seasons, mobilizing your potential whatever the challenges.

I accompany adults on their personal journey through kinesiology and craniosacral therapy sessions.

  • Improving physical and sporting performance

  • Balancing interpersonal skills

  • Recovering your energy

  • Coping better with life's shocks

  • Getting to know yourself better

  • Understanding and reducing stress

  • Getting back to sleep

  • Improving confidence and self-esteem

  • Relieving pain, balance problems, migrains

  • Facilitating decision-making

  • Freeing yourself from traumas, fears, phobias, addictions

  • Reducing food allergies and intolerances

  • Recovering energy and support your body

  • Recovering clarity

  • Accepting, understanding and writing a new page

  • Recovering concentration and memory

  • Recontacting the positive

Kinésiologie adulte

What to expect

  • Listening, dialoguing and finding of the objective for the session.

  • Questioning the body and searching for resources to support the objective

  • Anchoring learnings and identifying exercises to practice

Duration : 1h15

Price : 80€

I practice

in French and English

"I would like to thank Charlotte for her sessions, which were very delicate and lively. Her suggestions and movement indications seem subtle, in fact it works. Now I feel ready to take on challenges, I almost have to make an effort to remember how I felt "before"!


"I came to see Charlotte for a cat allergy. I couldn't get close to it while I was dreaming of having a cat at home. Thanks to the dialogue with my body, Charlotte immediately identified that the allergy was of emotional origin, linked to events of the past. She guided me to revisit these experiences and free me from the associated emotional burden.  A month after our meeting, I welcomed a kitten into my home. I was impressed by the simplicity and power of the approach. Gratitude. The whole family is delighted."


"The work with Charlotte is remarkably relevant and gentle; the most unknown parts of me start talking (or singing) and it is extremely interesting and rewarding.


Her kindness and professionalism have allowed me to move forward in many aspects of my life. Interpreting the signs of my body/mind is something that Charlotte is destined to do, I think."


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