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Origins of kinésiology

G. Goodheart has found that our internal states are reflected in muscle functioning and stress is one of the major reasons for these muscle weaknesses. He has developed a simple and effective way to measure stress through muscle testing, which allows a dialogue with the body.


Goodheart's discoveries have been documented by John Thie through the Health by Touch© approach that is the foundation of kinesiology and taught in more than 50 countries around the world.


In the 1970s, Gordon Stokes, Candice Callaway and Daniel Whiteside invented an original concept, the Three in One Concept®, which allows us to work in depth on the emotions that limit us in order to regain the power to make better choices and achieve our life goals.


In the 1980s, Paul Dennison developed an original Brain Gym© method that addresses learning issues through better coordination between the two brain hemispheres. This fun approach is accessible to everyone and allows you to make dazzling progress with exercises that are easy to practice on a daily basis.

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