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Workshops for 6-10 years old

Next session in January 2020

Learning with confidence and movement!


Laisser émerger ses potentiels cachés ou bloqués

Let your hidden or blocked potentials emerge

Improve your academic skills:

  • concentration

  • memorization

  • grasp

  • organization 

  • reading, writing....

Develop confidence and self-esteem

Anchoring changes in the body through gentle movements, breathing, relaxation

Live together the experience of the present moment, relaxation and listening to oneself

Tools used

BrainGym : 

Practice movements and playful activities that facilitate all types of learning, awaken the brain and strengthen organizational, comprehension and communication skills.


Sophrology :

Observe and welcome your emotions, fill yourself with strength and confidence by relying on your breathing and body feelings.


Drawing : 

Coordinate your actions while creating

What to expect

Through gentle and dynamic movements, the child takes care of his body, develops his coordination and stimulates his brain.

He relaxes, feels stronger and able to do his best. Thanks to the group, he/she explores his/her space, while listening to others.

The regular practice of Brain Gym physical exercises strengthens our ability to learn in a sustainable way.

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